Gadi Slade - Coverage of Cable TV and Telecom with Capital Group

Gadi Slade

A longtime Capital Group investment analyst, Gadi Slade focuses on pay television, telecoms, cable companies, and broadcasters in Canada and throughout Africa, Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East. Raised in Israel, Gadi Slade received high marks in high school, where he developed an aptitude for math and science.

Having dreamed of college life in the United States, Mr. Slade applied to universities there at a time when international applications were challenging. Accepted at several top-tier institutions of higher education, he opted for Stanford University, where he majored in industrial engineering and psychology.

Upon completing his undergraduate studies, Mr. Slade operated as a management consultant for Shaldor Strategy Consulting in Israel. More recently, he functioned as a summer intern analyst at Fidelity Investments in London while studying for his MBA at Harvard Business School. He has since engaged with Capital Group in its London, Los Angeles, and New York offices.